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5 Reasons why including Animal Protein in our diet Is Fundamental To Health
Protelicious and Farmer’s Market have joined forces to bring you key facts and insights on the benefits of animal protein... and it’s yours free for downloading!
By Sheila Partrat & Dr. Jean Francois LESGARDS
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Why this eBook?
Navigating the advice around how to stay healthy particularly what, when, and how much to eat can be a minefield of confusing and contradicting information. However, there is one essential dietary component that cannot be overlooked: protein.
Why? Because it’s the building blocks of our bodies, and the macronutrient we need in largest supply, daily. Protein is truly the foundation of our health, yet, it’s importance is often overlooked.
So if you...

Are you feeling run down and want to build up your immune system

Want to improve the quality of your skin and help it to feel firmer

Find detoxing difficult and boring

Have mood swings day to day, week to week and aren’t sure why 

Are looking for effective anti-aging and an anti-inflammatory

Here are
5 Reasons Why Including Clean Animal 
Protein In Our Diet Is Fundamental To Health
Proteing The Building Blocks of You
5 Reasons why including Animal Protein in our diet Is Fundamental To Health
Benefits For Everyone Not Just The Gym Lovers And Fitness Industry 
It’s far from the truth that protein is just for the fitness industry to build muscle!
More important than most think
The primary function of Protein is for growth, body repair, production of hormones and enzymes, all of which help to control different body functions.
WHAT happens when we don’t get enough?
Protein deficiency can manifest itself in many ways that can be hard to identify as protein deficiency such as: 
Getting sick more often:
Most of us know that good nutrition; in addition to sleep and good hygiene is key in maintaining immunity.  

Slow wound healing:
Protein aids the body in repairing damaged tissues. When we don’t get enough protein, we have a difficult time forming...
Poor quality of sleep:
There are many factors that negatively impact the quality of sleep; one of the possible causes is unstable blood...
Frequent injuries:
A diet that is low in protein can raise the risk for muscle loss, slow bone healing, and increase bone weakness...
Poor concentration or brain fog:
Protein is needed to support many aspects of healthy neurological and hormonal functioning. 
Blood sugar fluctuation:
Adequate supply of protein helps to regulate blood sugar sugar and prevent cardiovascular diseases.
Proteing The Building Blocks of You
5 Reasons why including Animal Protein in our diet Is Fundamental To Health
About Protelicious
Protelicious Ltd is a HK based company, producing gourmet whey protein concentrate blends from grass fed New Zealand cows. In a league of its own, Protelicious® whey protein blends go beyond fitness, they are the best daily ally to detox and rejuvenate, deliciously. With a maximum of three carefully selected ingredients, Protelicious Whey Protein Concentrate powder blends are available in 4 flavours - True Cocoa with Valrhona Chocolate, Freeze Dried Strawberry, Sencha Green Tea and Naturally Unflavoured. 

With no nasties like hormones or antibiotics, added sugar or fillers, Protelicious signature whey is clean tasting and feeling. It’s also cold processed, so all the powerful detox and immune building properties of this highly digestible protein survive survive. Served in a line of best selling smoothies at Pure (All the Whey line), Classified, Compass Catering for HSBC, and many other fine clubs around town, Protelicious is appreciated a growing community who appreciate quality and simplicity.

What is clean protein?
About Emma Pike’s Farmer’s Market
Originally from Hong Kong and following our success we are now expanding our services to serve all health-conscious meat lovers in Asia delivering farm fresh products door to door five days a week. Our company is very transparent with our products and only source from traceable, sustainable, naturally farmed sources. All of our products are antibiotic free, hormone free and flown in fresh each week.

 After leaving school at 15 to start my first company, my passion for seeking new opportunities and launching businesses has enabled me to achieve my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. I took my first steps into the fascinating but also challen- ging food industry in 2014, when I started Farmers Market. 

I was shocked to see the extent that misleading marketing messages were used in the industry, to the detriment of customers, and was determined to run a food business that had integrity and honesty at its core. 

If you ask any of my friends what my qualities are they will say honest, trustworthy, kind, friendly and helpful and those are the qualities I want Farmers Market to be known for. My aim in opening Farmers Market was to be transparent and to give people back their confidence when buying meat. I ensure that my customers understand how our products are farmed, sourced and stored and always link back to the farms we source from. 

I want my customers to feel confident in the products and in the industry. Knowledge is power and I am always delighted to be invited to speak at various events about the benefits of meat and how to make sure customers are buying the best they can. Alongside my business commitments, I am also a keen sportsperson, and support a number of local charities.
About Emma Pike's
"Emma Pike's products are always fresh and tasty. Overall a reliable source for quality meat/fish at a reasonable price" Alice.

"Farmers Market is my, and my family's, favorite butcher. They're a one stop shop for all your meat and seafood needs!" Allie 

"I feel very comfortable being able to say it is also organic without the stamp." Nathan
We are a butcher you can trust!
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All of our products are antibiotics & hormone free and we only source from sustainable and trustworthy resources that we visit so you get the same quality time and time again.
Looking to improve your baseline health?

  Look no further than your plate and ensure that you have a daily supply of clean animal protein.

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